CLCA AeroMed is the dedicated arm of the established clinical services The CLCA Group, specialising in the medical transportation of sick and injured patients.

Dedicated office and clinical staff


Global control centres providing 24-hour day duty


Countries and territories covered by our services

At a Glance

Usually carried out by a combination of road ambulance and air (either escorted on a commercial flight or a fully equipped, dedicated air ambulance), we will plan, coordinate and carry out a complete ‘bed-to-bed’ transfer in the safest, quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Our expert aero-medical teams and purpose fitted aircraft can be available around the clock, ready to respond to time-critical missions, whilst our network of fully equipped road ambulances with professional crews are then ready to take the patient to their final destination.

Co-ordinating the entire mission, our in-house medical operations team ensures constant medical and logistical oversight and communication, until the patient is safely handed over.

Our Mission

Patient care is at the very epicentre of our mission. We are dedicated to providing compassionate, safe and expedient medical services to all our clients, whoever and wherever they are.

Combining a highly qualified and experienced team with modern and innovative techniques for assessing and managing aeromedical risks, we confidently strive to be the most reliable and caring patient transport provider in the industry.

Our Company

CLCA AeroMed is part of The CLCA Group who’s companies have a long and successful track record in the provision of complex healthcare in both hospital and community settings.

We boast a highly qualified and experienced office and clinical team that run 24-hours a day, 365-days a year providing services across the globe.

No matter how complex the journey may be, we will be there to support you.

Our Staff

CLCA AeroMed is proud to combine the two distinct professional disciplines of aviation and medicine, with strong leadership and seamless collaboration between both specialities.

Our medical department is consultant-led and run by a highly qualified and experienced intensive care senior management team. Our doctors and nursing staff maintain a high level of clinical competency by also being engaged in the ongoing provision of healthcare in the UK National Health Service (NHS).

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Our Partners

Our aviation partners are all professionally licenced and fully insured air ambulance operators, with a track record of working with the NHS and corporate/insurance clients. Our airport locations and local landing capabilities also make us an ideal choice for completing the final ‘wing-to-wing’ leg of long-haul flights originated by other international airlines or air ambulance providers.

All of our road transfer partners use ambulances that are equipped and maintained to NHS standards. Their experienced drivers and our on-board medical staff are superbly trained to ensure that the patient always receives the absolute best quality of care. Our main base is located only 4 minutes from the M3 and 15 minutes from the M25. Vehicles and drivers are on standby for deployment throughout the UK and most European countries.

In addition, where required, our aircraft and vehicles can be equipped to transport organs, blood, tissue samples, urgent lab results or specialist medical equipment.

Medical Escort Provision

We offer patient medical escort provision around the UK as well as ground repatriation to/from nearby Europe. This is an alternative medical repatriation service that may be available to be deployed to most European countries.

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Repatriation Services

Our range of available commercial and private flight services allows clients to be transferred or repatriated to receive the care or treatment they require.

Connecting the world through care.

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Responsive and proactive case management of logistical and medical requirements for UK and overseas clients with a dedicated team of medical and operational professionals.

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